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K&L Concert Systems


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Best Wedding Lighting For $5,000-$10,000 Wedding.

Awards & Recognition

City of Antony Kansas



The City of Anthony Kansas presented us the opportunity to provide sound and lights for its annual Muddy Waters Music Festival. 

Stage -Sound - Lighting - Details like these can transform your event into a memorable time!


K&L Concert Systems has served the Midwest area with it’s production needs  for the past seventeen years. We have had the privileges of working with some of the nations top entertainers like Bowling For Soup, Zac Maloy (The Nixon’s), The Burden Brothers, MxPx, Rufio, Hawthorne Heights, Upside, The Feds, Big and Rich, Saving Able, Red light Kings and many many more.With our network of resources we are able to provide a complete production service from attendance of 20 to full blow concerts in attendances of 10,000. We can supply you with your events every needs from the staging, sound and lights to promotion and flyer publication. We are your one stop shop for event production.We also have a very knowledgeable and skilled custom installation and design team to install that perfect sound system for your club, church or factory. We can even out fit your basement with that custom home theater you have always wanted. With cutting edge software design and real world experience, we can turn your vision into reality!


Kansas City Auto Show


Our stage and sound presentation for the Penny Lane themed auto show was a smash hit with local Beatles tribute band Liverpool taking the stage.

A little info about us.

K&L Concert System


Founded: 2000
Owner: Chris Fletchall


Areas of expertise: Live Sound, Event Lighting, Mobile Staging, Festivals, Home Theater, Security CCTV & Automation Systems.